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Creative Division

Design, shape and colour

Our creative staff proposes coordinated gem collections, developing their stylistic features and using new design languages often originating in other creative contexts.

C&R Creative Division

C&R Creative division offers coordinated collections of gems elements in matching styles, reinterpreting old ones, using new design languages that often draw their origins from other contexts.

With a wide range of models and product lines, C&R Gemstones Collections are here to develop and express the Client’s creative input, thus creating new standards.


Research into materials, the skilfull use of exactly the right tools, the methods applied in the final creation.
Enhanced by the analysis of forms and the prime importance of history and fine taste. The exclusive characteristics of a project where care is lavished on every single detail and every single aspect. This is the service that the C&R creative team guarantees.


C&R is distinguished by its extreme skill and expertise in the development of products, which can be best defined as an activity of modelling - seeking the right technical solutions to allow preliminary drawings to be accurately interpreted, and transforming the designer’s ideas into a finished product.
C&R also offers an in-house design service to complement its modelling activities, defining the design idea and concept according to the input received from the customer, and making it possible to follow a variety of working methods depending on customer needs.

Fashion Fucci Design

The expertise in product development is a feature that distinguishes the C&R, definable as a modelling: identify technical solutions in the translation of design and therefore transform the designer ideas in a concrete product.

The C&R further offers an internal design service to put the modelling, to define the drawing idea, working on the basis of the impulse received by the client: for this way they can set up different working methods, depending on customers needs.


The C&R is a pioneer in the proposal to the customer and believe that product innovation is a critical success factor, for this way makes use of dedicated professionals looking for innovations in forms, sizes and materials to meet needs more sophisticated, reaching collaborations with designers of calibre as Fabrizio Falcinelli and Eugenio De Medio.

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