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In our two Italian factories, the Made in Italy artisanal production guarantees a high level of product customization. C&R Master Craftsmen study with the technical division the customer’s drawings to create a Masterpiece.

Meregaglia C&R - Valenza

Valenza Cutting Factory Meregaglia was acquired by the C&R group in 2008 with the objective of developing in-house the whole cutting process at highest level from prototype to final products. Founded in 1945, Meregaglia is the first precious stone cutting factory in Valenza and the whole Italy.
It expanded its range of products and clients portfolio during the decades of a strong and local jewellery manufacturing industry and has become a real “institution”.


From rough to cut, the Masterpiece and Production Gems, are submitted to C&R strict quality control, in order to respond to customer’s tolerance requests.

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