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The C&R supports and promotes transparency in the stones chain of custody from precious materials mining to end product marketing. C&R Company is a Supporter of RJC and founder Member of Assogemme.


This ethic value translates itself into respect of environmental, health, working conditions within the partners companies and political stability of developing countries (conflict-free stones): this requires an integration process in the cultural network and shall involve producers and consumers on a long period.

It is with this spirit that Assogemme , the Italian Association of Gem and Precious Stone Companies, established its Ethics Committee, delegated by the Responsible Jewellery Council with the formulation of a code for coloured gemstones that aims to guarantee the ethical integrity of jewels for end consumers.

Our services

Cesari&Rinaldi gems production chain


Press reviews, publications, advertising campaigns. Our archive, a historical resource that always accompanies us in our work.

Creative Division

As regards research projects involving style and form, our team designs gem collections featuring carefully coordinated styles that reinterpret classic moods in the light of new languages, often borrowed from fields completely unrelated to jewellery.

Technical Division

Our section for project development and three-dimensional modelling, they are supported by a team of expert gemmologists who are able to give them complete and constant assistance.

“My reason for choosing diamonds is that, dense as they are,
they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume.”

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