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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

R. W. Emerson

Art and jewelery

Since its creation, the C&R always believed that stylistic research should be extended to sectors where creativity plays a fundamental role in order to offer its customers ideas, solutions and projects of high quality and artistic content.

Artistic influences

The development of innovative colour tones for application to jewellery -based on the exclusive know-how that has allowed Cesari&Rinaldi Gemmai to collaborate with artists like Remo Bridisi, Bruno Cassinari, Giò and Bruto Pomodoro, Alberto Zorzi-, is accompanied by a corporate philosophy that elevates the concept of “Made in Italy” to a fundamental cornerstone of the company’s strategy.

A concept that has made Cesari&Rinaldi Gemmai a brand coveted by the greatest international luxury goods groups.

About us

The winning strategy is the dynamism

Through teamwork custom C & R serves different customers with needs that vary depending on the area of membership.

Constant evolution

LThe C&R is a pioneer in the proposal to the customer
and believe that product innovation is a critical success factor.

Quality craftsmanship

For C&R "Italian Style" means first of all to find the best cutters and to subject the products to a close check.

Our services

Cesari&Rinaldi gems production chain

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language of dreams"

Paul Gauguin